An essential product for your makeup bag to ensure that your lashes stay long and lifted 24/7. Our eyelash growth serum contains the latest active ingredients such as panthenol, biotin & tree wood extracts which will boost hair growth of both your brows and lashes and will ensure your lashes and brows appear longer, thicker and healthier. From root to tip, for the healthy condition, your beautiful hair deserves. It’s time to embrace the full look with our lash and brow conditioning serum for eyelash lengthening. Full time.

One of the best makeup tips we learnt from our founder Swati Verma is how easy it is to achieve a natural makeup look when you have eyelashes that are long and lifted. She’s a makeup inspiration to us all and is always thinking of new makeup ideas. This cruelty-free and vegan serum is going to be essential to keeping your own lashes long, luscious and lifted!

Lash + brow booster serum - TOURMALINE
Spare €13,75

Wimpern- und Brauen-Booster-Serum

€55 €41,25
SWATI premium Ergonomic eyelash curler
Spare €4,50
Eyelash Curler

Ergonomisches Design aus Edelstahl

€18 €13,50

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Lash Booster Set - Tourmaline Serum + Onyx Mascara
Spare €24,90
Lash Booster Set

Turmalin-Wimpernserum, Onyx-Wimperntusche

€83 €58,10
Daily Routine Set by Swati Verma
Spare €54
Daily Routine Set

Von Swati Verma. Online exklusiv

€135 €81
Mascara Set - Onyx Mascara + Eyelash curler
Spare €13,80
Mascara Set

Onyx Wimperntusche, Wimpernzange

€46 €32,20
Ultimate Eye Set
Spare €24
Ultimate Eye Set

Anpassbares Premium-Set. Online exklusiv

€80 €56
Limited Edition 24/7 Lash care Influencer kit
Mascara + Serum PR-Box

Limitierte Auflage des 24/7 Wimpernpflege-Influencer-Kits

Lash Starter Set - Customisable Bundle
Spare €16,50
Lash Starter Set

Anpassbares Set

€55 €38,50
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