• SWATI Faux Silk Sleep Mask
  • SWATI Sleeping mask with vegan faux silk
Sleeping mask
100% Vegan silk
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Sleeping mask

Ultra soft sleeping mask with elasticated band

Keep your eyes beautiful even while you sleep. Your eyes deserve to be pampered with this pillow sleep mask bringing you only the sweetest dreams. SWATI’s premium vegan silk sleep mask will ensure your eyes are relaxed and rested, ready to wake up bright and radiant.

Super soft elasticated sleeping mask

Designed to give your eyes a beautiful sleep
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Lightweight & ultra comfortable

Feather like feel, lightweight enough to wear all night or during your next trip

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Vegan faux silk
Vegan faux silk

Smooth and soft like natural silk but produced without harming any animal or using any animal products.


SWATI Faux silk sleeping mask with elastic bands

Pack Format

1 pcs faux silk sleeping mask


Shell Fabric: 100% Faux Silk; Filling: 100% Polyester

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