Lenti semestrali

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Lenti semestrali Jade

Lenti di colore verde

Apprezzata fin dall'antichità, la giada ha sempre portato buona fortuna. Questo è solo uno dei motivi per cui la tonalità di verde con sfumature di giallo intenso delle nostre lenti Jade sa incantare. Con occhi di questo colore, non ti serviranno portafortuna.

Una tonalità di verde tendente al marrone ispirata dalla natura, con sprazzi di giallo intenso. Questo modello ha un sottile anello limbare sulla circonferenza esterna che non solo dona uno sguardo più penetrante, ma anche valorizza e fa apparire gli occhi più grandi.


Please note: The effect give by the coloured lenses may vary depending on the natural colour of the iris.

What makes our 6-months lenses special?

Long-lasting lenses, tested and certified for 6-months use. Available with or without power.
Package includes 2 vials (1 pair of lenses), soft tip tweezers and a lens case.

Layered lens technology
Protected colours protected eyes The layered lens technology keeps the colour design sandwiched between two layers of the lens material to better preserve the colours and to keep the pigment from touching your cornea directly.
Tear rotation system
Lenses designed for comfort We work hard to ensure our lenses lead the market in quality and comfort. The tear rotation edge structure keeps your eyes naturally hydrated by letting your tears pass through behind the lens.
Designed in Sweden
Natural looking coloured lenses SWATI lenses are designed in Sweden. Our designs are made to perfectly integrate and work with your existing eye colour and create a natural looking shade unique to you.
ISO 13485 & CE
Product Safety Standards SWATI coloured lenses are manufactured to international safety standards (ISO 13485) and CE marked. Just as safe as any conventional lenses you buy at the pharmacy. We always recommend reading our online manual before use.


Soft contact lenses

Pack format

2 Vial Pack (1 Pair) Buffered saline solution



Water content



14,20 mm

Base curve

8,70 mm




Moist heat

How to use coloured lenses?


Place the lens on the tip of your index finger. Make sure the edge of the lens is perfectly upright.


Hold your eye open with your free hand, then place the lens with your index finger on the cornea.


Slowly blink and look in different directions to stabilize the lens.