Learn more about our Make-up

SWATI Cosmetics offers an innovative range of makeup that focuses on your eyes. All our products are designed and formulated without any animal - derived ingredients. Our makeup products keep the highest quality and are produced by world leading laboratories, to give you complete satisfaction!

We offer our VANTA Lash adhesive liquid eyeliner that is a 2-in-1 Eyeliner + Lash          Adhesive formula that can be applied only as an eyeliner, and also works as a lash glue. VANTA brings you the best of both worlds, application of eyeliner and lashes have never been easier.  We also offer our Faux Mink Collection, that is a false lash collection and comes in six different styles. Vegan & cruelty free false lashes with 3D feeling: Multi-layered, extra curled, edgy and lightweight. We are happy to be able to offer our customers vegan and cruelty free makeup items. Feel inspired with our makeup and come up with new ideas, only the sky's the limit! We are also offering makeup sets, that includes both VANTA eyeliner, Faux Mink lashes and our golden lash applicator, you can choose to go natural, glam or get the whole collection. These makeup kits will definitely make you feel inspired.