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RX Verification

(U.S.A Customers Only)

We have implemented a prescription verification system that complies with US FCLCA (The Fairness to Contact Lens Consumers Act) and Rules which is currently applied to US customers only.

To verify your prescription in the most efficient, convenient way possible, we can use one of two methods:

A) Upload your Prescription (RX) 

You provide us with a valid copy (photo or scan) of your prescription, which you can upload either

  • Fill out the form after the payment page or click here to upload it now.
  • You can also email the prescription to and include your order ID.

B) Submit your doctor's name & phone number (easiest)

  • Fill out the form after the payment page or click here to provide the details now.

You submit your optometrist’s name and phone number, and we'll call them to verify your prescription. This process takes up to  24 hours. Our initial phone call is meant to inform your optometrist’s office of your provided prescription, so that they can, at their convenience, verify it by calling or emailing us. The FCLCA requires that the contact lens vendor (SWATI) must wait for at least 8 hours after the call before shipping anything. If the vendor (SWATI) does not receive a response from the optometrist within this time frame, the vendor is allowed to process and ship the order.

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