Brown Coloured Lenses

Brown is the colour of elegance, warmth, honesty and stability.

It also expresses emotion and sensuality. SWATI Cosmetics have created three shades of natural brown contact lenses, each shade specially made to integrate and work with your existing eye colour to create the perfect brown lens shade for you.

Our brown colour lenses are not only made for blue eyes, but also for everyone that wants to enhance their brown eyes. SWATI Cosmetics have three brown colour lenses, from light to dark brown. SANDSTONE is our brown tone with a tinge of yellow, and is one of the natural brown contact lenses and gives you the look of a subtle and natural-looking eye. HONEY is a beautiful warm hazel brown tone shade that will give your natural eyes a luscious honey look. BRONZE is the dark brown lens with a tinge of orange and a hint of grey, and creates an amazing subtle shade, perfect for any occasion!

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