Premium Accessories

Small accessories with a big impact! SWATI Cosmetics doesn’t only want you to feel your best in our coloured lenses, we want you to take care of them in the best way too.

We offer a range of useful tools and accessories to accompany our products, including our lens solution, lens tweezer and lens case. Our SWATI Multi-Purpose contact lens Solution is an all-in-one solution for disinfecting, cleaning, storing, and hydrating all soft and coloured contact lenses.

Keep your lashes curled to perfection with the SWATI premium eyelash curler. Make sure you never have a lash out of place with the high-quality glass SWATI hand mirror and most importantly, get your beauty sleep and keep your eyes well-rested with the SWATI vegan faux silk sleep mask. The SWATI dual high-end lash applicator is all you need in one tool making lash application a breeze. These products will help you ensure your eyes and brows are perfect from morning through night.

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