#TrendingonTikTok: Here’s How to Get the Reverse Cat-Eye Look

#TrendingonTikTok: Here’s How to Get the Reverse Cat-Eye Look

Oh TikTok, what did we do to deserve you? From teaching us how to contour to the instant facelift with blush hacks, TikTok is the crowned queen of the best makeup tricks. Before TikTok, we barely knew what we were doing with our makeup. Just when we thought the giving tree had given us enough, TikTok returns with a bang and wows us with the Reverse Cat-Eye look. Every celebrity and influencer seems to be jumping on this trend, so why shouldn’t we? Given how easy this eyeliner look is, we thought we’re ready to get on the bandwagon right away!


If we had to put it into words, then this latest trend is the classic winged liner turned upside town. Instead of perfecting the flick on your upper lid, it’s time to start experimenting with the lower lash line. It was only fair that the lower lash line started getting this much attention. Imagine taking the fiercest cat-eye you’ve ever created, flip it upside down, and add some dramatic, flared eyelashes to it – that’s what the official TikTok #Trending look of 2021 is all about!

Wondering how to get started? Don't stress, we've put this trend to the test with our founder and makeup artist Swati Verma (@swativerma), who's a PRO at all things makeup. Here's a step-by-step:


SWATI Verma putting on Jade coloured lenses

Everyone needs a fresh start. Add some grace to your cat eye by prepping them with our besteller JADE Lenses. This natural shade of greenish brown comes with a tinge of deep yellow. It has a light limbal ring on the outer edges, giving the eyes a sharper and enhanced look. After all, who doesn’t want their eyes to steal the spotlight?


SWATI Verma applying Vanta Eyeliner

Remember all those years you spent perfecting the cat-eye? Flip your experience upside down and hold your eyeliner to the waterline of your eye. Apply the VANTA Eyeliner in Black to your waterline all the way to the inner corner of your eye. Don’t be shy, draw a precise line under your tear ducts too. Don’t forget to add some flare with a tiny little wing on the inner edge. No cat-eye is complete without the classic wing; draw a sharp wing on the outer corner of your eye as usual. And don't fret about the smudge, VANTA Black is smudgeproof and will ensure you get the perfect wing with pink prick precision thanks to it's felt tip.


Swati Verma applying Onyx Mascara.

Your Reverse Cat Eye is incomplete without a swish of mascara to add that extra OOMPH on your upper lash line. No need to make a wish, strengthen your lashes with every swish of our award winning ONYX Mascara! Step up your lash game with this mascara that not only makes your natural eyelashes appear longer but also boosts their growth and makes them stronger. Its double tapered brush covers every single hair, from bottom to tip, for extraordinary volume and definition. Say goodbye to clumps and empty spaces!


Swati Verma using Make-up mirror to apply Mascara with dual-ended lash applicator.

Are those lashes real? Nobody will ever know you’re wearing falsies with these lightweight, extra curled eyelashes. Swati Verma recommends the TIGER'S EYE style of Faux Minx Lashes to finish off this look. The flared shape of these eyelashes are designed to effortlessly give you a sultry cat eye look. Plus, our eyelashes can stick on up to 30 wears on your lash line, and that's longer than a cat's life!

Swati Verma with complete cat eye look

And that's it! You're ready to turn heads with your fierce Reverse Cat-Eye look. Don't forget to tag us with your Reverse Cat Eye looks using your favourite SWATI products on Instagram with #swaticosmetics! We can't wait to see your fierce feline looks!

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