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New Lens Shade!

Introducing our mesmerising gem GRAPHITE, a highly versatile shade that matches almost anything and anyone in our most exquisite natural looking lenses collection.

New Shade!

Get our best-seller VANTA Lash Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner, now in shade BROWN. Watch the worlds of eyeliner and lash glue combine in a flash!


Are you looking for the perfect gift set for yourself or a loved one? Look here! We have a bundle for every mood and occasion.


These 14 celebrities use coloured contact lenses, read about it on the SWATI.com blog!

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From being listed as the coolest brand millenials love to bagging BEST VEGAN BEAUTY BRAND 2021, we've grabbed quite a few headlines this year!

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We’re a Swedish company with Scandinavian values. We believe in equality and empowerment for all. We celebrate style and beauty in all its forms. We never tell our customers to be this or that. But we do encourage them to express themselves. All sides of their personalities. All the nuances, from bright to dark and back again.


There are many sides to your personality, and we love you for it. Live them out, we say. Be the starry-eyed beauty. Be the bright-eyed queen bee. Be the voluptuous super cougar with fire in your eyes. Be everything at once. Be proud of everything that’s you. All the facets. All the nuances, from brightest blue to darkest brown. Express it. Own it. Wear it. And let your eyes speak.