Coloured lenses

The SWATI range of coloured contact lenses are scientifically designed for quality and ease. Available as 1-month or 6-months lenses in 8 colours. With, or without power.

Coloured circle contact lenses with prescription

Vanta adhesive eyeliner

Go classic with eyeliner alone. Or go classy with lashes. This far-from-normal eyeliner makes it possible to combine the best of both worlds.

Eyeliner liquid - waterproof eyeliner pencil

Faux mink lashes

The SWATI Faux Mink Collection includes vegan, high quality synthetic lashes with a soft feel and a natural look.

False eyelashes for volume and natural look.

Tools & Accessories

SWATI Cosmetics offer a range of useful tools and accessories to accompany our products. You can find them all right here.

Accessories for contact lenses & makeup tools
SWATI Coloured lenses are a small accessories with big impact.

Be your own
kind of

Beauty is not about looks. Beauty is about self-expression. Being proud of everything that’s you. Showing all sides of your personality. All the facets. All the nuances.