Grey Coloured Lenses

Grey is the colour of intellect and compromise and represents neutrality and balance.

Perhaps the rarest of eye colours, grey represents wisdom and gentleness. You don’t need to be blessed with this rare eye colour,  you just need to wear PEARL. Our Grey eye lens PEARL will brighten up your eyes and your day.

These grey coloured lenses have a light grey shade with a tinge of a light blue tone. The effect given by the coloured lenses may vary depending on the natural colour of the iris, therefore can these lenses look both husky grey, icy grey and light grey. This shade can change your eye colour up to 70-80% depending on your original colour, and the result of our grey contact lenses will give you the most natural-looking grey lenses for your eyes.

Make sure to grab your grey coloured lenses and look mesmerizing and captivating. This shade is suitable for both light and dark eyes and will make you shine like a star.

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