Blue Coloured Lenses

SWATI lenses are designed in Sweden. Our designs are made to perfectly integrate and work with your existing eye colour and create a natural-looking shade unique to you.

We have worked on creating the most perfect blue contact lenses in the market, from ice blue lenses and sky blue lenses to dark blue lenses. SWATI Cosmetics have blue lenses without power and lenses with power, so everyone can enjoy changing their eye colour!

SWATI Cosmetics is offering a range of blue eye lenses, Aquamarine is our ice blue lens which has a blue tone with tinges of green, these blue thin lenses will make your eyes sparkle like the ocean! Our second shade Turquoise is the name of our light blue coloured contact lenses, this tone balances green with blue and a tinge of gold lining the pupil. This is the perfect ice blue contact lens! Sapphire is our royal blue lenses that will make your eyes shine like the sky! These 3 tone blue contact lenses have a tinge of green and yellow around the pupil line and give an amazing natural-looking result to the eyes.

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