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SWATI is a Swedish 🇸🇪 beauty brand, developing innovative cosmetic products that allow people to express their own kind of beauty. The company was founded by Vishal Nanda and Swati Verma with offices in Stockholm and Dubai. SWATI products are exclusively sold through authorized dealers and on the brand website.


SWATI Cosmetics experts awards.


SWATI Cosmetics retailers around the world: Bangerhead, Faces, Douglas, Lyko, Sephora, Kicks, Ahlens, SOKOS, Nykaa, VITA, HARMONIQ, Boots, Duty Free, Magasin, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

Swati, known as Arcturus in the western world, is one of the brightest stars in the night sky. We think it’s a fitting name for a product designed to make you shine. Like a star.

The manual is available in English, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Norwegian, French, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Bulgarian, Italian, Portuguese, German and Dutch.

Yes, they’re super safe and manufactured to international safety standards (ISO 13485) and bears the CE conformity mark. In other words, they’re just as safe as any conventional contact lens you buy at the pharmacy. But do read the online manual before use.

Our six-month lenses are made of Polymacon with 38% water content and our one-month lenses are made of 2-HEMA with 42% water challenge content. The same stuff most contact lenses are made of. These materials were chosen to create a look as natural as possible.

Yes, some of our coloured lenses will have an optical correction of refractive myopia and hyperopia. They come with power from 0.00 D(Without Power) to -6.00D. Check out our product page for more details.

From our packaging and warehouse facilities in Skurup, Sweden. It’s a lovely little town in the South. A hidden gem. They have like 8 000 inhabitants. It’s cute! Let us know if you happen to pass by, and we’ll give you the grand tour.