Lash Applicator

Dual Ended

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False Lash Applicator

Dual ended lash applicator and lash comb

The SWATI high end lash applicator is all you need in one tool. It makes lash application a breeze. The curved tweezers will gently hold the lashes and makes it easier to push them in place on your lash line. The comb helps blending in your natural lashes and your eyes will look perfect, every time. Hold, attatch and adjust!

2 in 1 Lash Applicator & Comb

Stainless steel applicator for false lashes with lash comb

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel tweezers Gentle gripping tweezers in durable stainless steel.
Lash comb
Detailing lash comb 2 in 1 functionality with the lash comb for final touches.


SWATI Dual-ended lash applicator and lash comb

Pack Format

1 pcs Dual-ended lash applicator and lash comb


Gold coloured stainless steel

How to use

Hold and prepare

Hold lashes up to eye to measure and then prepare and cut before applying glue or SWATI Vanta Lash Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner.

Apply lashes

Apply the lashes along your lash line press them down with the curved tweezers and adjust if necessary.

Comb for perfection

Comb and blend in your natural lashes with the lash comb on your applicator for a perfect result, every time.